One of the loveliest bloggers we’ve met, Fenny Yolanda (Ladies Journal), has dedicated a post to Porcelain!  

She kindly wrote a review about our OxyRevive Treatment and we are glad that she truly enjoyed it! 

Here’s a snapshot of what she mentioned: “I like to touch my face after the treatment - it hydrated my skin and is really smooth to touch.”

Read the rest of her interesting post at the link below 

Thanks again, Fenny, for your wonderful praises!

Today, we stumbled upon one of the most empowering songs we’ve heard in a while. 

Colbie Caillat had the courage to bare her soul in front of millions (in fact, 19 million as of today). Her song tells the inspiring stories of many women out there who battle their body image issues. 

Colbie encourages everyone out there to stop concealing themselves, and start letting the world realise their true beauty (from within). 

This song truly resonated with us because it is exactly what Porcelain aims to educate all clients about. To not conceal. 

In fact, this song is in line with our foundation-free campaign, #fffriday! Going foundation-free will be your first step to natural, beautiful skin!  Participate in our campaign contest, ending 15th August!

Hey everyone, it’s 3 days to Singapore’s 49th Birthday! :)

In celebration of that, The Porcelain Team did a little bit of research on our favourite local spice - Red Chilies. 

As much as we love chilies, have you ever wondered what benefits they might have on our skin? Well, view the infographic below to find out! :)

Pauline has been featured in Nuyou’s August 2014 Issue! :) 

Fancy a little pick-me-up for your Monday Blues?

Prepare this delicious skin-food in just 5 minutes! :)

Trust us, it tastes as good as it looks. Enjoy!

Because it’s Durian Season, we have decided to shine some light on this king of fruit! 

Let us now find out what hidden treasures lie beneath its husky shell, and how they might affect our skin :)

Have you ever wondered how Gwyneth Paltrow keeps her skin looking so fine? (Really, there wasn’t any visible flaw on her in the big screen)

Well, we did!

Check out her secret to success in the infographic below :)

Here’s some food for thought…

So bring a smile to someone else’s face today!

Also, thank YOU for being the sunshine in our lives :) 

Cheers, it’s mid-week! 

Everybody knows that The Human Body cannot survive going without water for days. 

However, there’s more to its magic. View the infographic below to find out more about what amazing things three simple characters could do for you! :)

Cheers to H20!


#fffriday Contest Extended!


We have extended our #fffriday contest till 15 August, so you & your friends can stand a chance to win attractive prizes worth up to $950 :)

To be a part of #fffriday, all you need to do is to pledge to go foundation free on a Friday from now till then!

You can participate in our contest by uploading a foundation-free-photo of yourself on Instagram, tag @porcelainfacespa and hashtag ‘#fffriday’.

Join us today!